After Printing

The form printing methodology of Saray Printing Corporation, which is based on daily printing capacity, allows the company to decimate, sort and cap the products. The core of the post printing services are two fully automated machines. One machine picks up the forms for the product that is going to be produced on one side and on the other side the finished and packed products comes out. The other machine produces with the same principle notebooks with stapled binding. Saray has an integrated process that allows break less production between several production units. In this process includes glued binding, stapled binding and more binding types. With all this machinery and intelligent processes, an order for a book can be approved, the printing prepared and printed and finally capped and packed, all at one day. With web offset machine Saray is able to print and glue at the same time, which is high-end technology for s.

The Saray Printing Corporation is working in their post printing services with the band system. Based on that, high efficiency and continuity can be achieved.

With divers packing machine the finished products are packed safely for the transport. The finished products are transported to entire Turkey and to foreign markets, packed after European standards.

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