Spend your lifetime peacefully and fruitfully with Saray Calendar.
Saray Printing Corporation issues a special calendar which is called ‘’ Block Calendar’’ every year. It has 365 sheets (one seperate sheet for each day of the year) and shows praying times of each day. Saray Calendar is issued for two or more regions so that it can address all cities in Turkey. Islam Religion devides the day into defined time periods, of each have a different meaning and according to which prayings are arranged. This situation makes Muslim people need a special calendar to see praying times. Saray Calendar circulates about 1.000.000 units every year around homes and workplaces.
Praying times for the Saray Calendar are calculated by Turkish Department of Religious Affairs in cofirmance with its time calculating unit based on scientific methods.
Saray Printing Corporation is able to produce block calendars at 10,5cm x 15cm, 13,5cm x 9cm and 13,5cm x 8cm size; put covers on them and cut the twin produced block calendars into seperate forms in saw. It is one of the leading block calendar producers in our country with its daily production capacity of more than 200.000 pcs.
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