Coated Paper

Saray Printing Corporation has been supplying reeled or sheeted coated papers, which are used in producing brochures, catalogues, notebook covers, posters etc. by important or giving away dealerships. Coated papers are made available as glossy, matt, one side coated and sticker label paper. Coated printing papers are produced as glossy or mat coated papers at nating weights between 80gr/m² and 170gr/m2; one side coated papers at 80gr/m2 and 90gr/m2; and sticker labelled papers at 80gr/m2. Papers which are packed as sheets can be at different standart sizes such as 57cm x 82cm, 64cm x 90cm, 68cm x 100cm, and 70cm x 100cm or at different sizes as the customer wishes. Saray prefers coated papers having values at international standards concerning thickness, opacity, strenght and liveliness.

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