Our Brands

Today, the total value of the world’s most important enterprises comes from physical investments, as the other half is achieved by brand and institutional values. Based on this, Saray Printing Corporation has developped some brands for its fields of activity. In order to raise these brands’ values, it has been attending national and international fairs and started marketing and sales activities.

Brands of Saray Printing Corporation are known and developing values. These brands are: Yıldız Yayıncılık (which is used in publishing activities), Vizyon (which was developed for publishing and printing services), Papicat (which is used for stationery products) and SRY,BİL (which is used for notebooks).

All brands of Saray Printing Corporation are representing the corporate identity. Each one of them has been designed, in terms of visuality, according to international graphic values. The rights of the brands are under protection.
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